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Your Work And Effort Matter To Your Business. Your Divorce Should Reflect It.

Your business is a legacy, meant to help you and your family thrive. It requires years of effort, thousands of dollars in investment and your ongoing attention. But divorce can threaten a business’s livelihood, and any property division agreement should reflect your family’s time and investment.

I am founding attorney Amanda Lewis. As a long-standing member of the legal community, I understand the emotional and logistical burdens you face during a divorce, and I have seen the ways business ownership complicates proceedings. I will treat your case with compassion and stand firm as an advocate for you. Contact Paoloni & Lewis and schedule a meeting.

What You Need To Consider During Your Divorce

Your business is as unique as your family, and the ways you choose to move forward throughout your divorce can have a serious impact.

Going forward, there are many potential options for you and your spouse. You should consider:

  • How was your business formed? Is only one spouse the owner? Has your ex contributed to your business through work, funding or other means?
  • Do you have a complete and current understanding of your business’s value? Does this include liabilities, investments and future revenue projections?
  • Does your ex have the ability to hide or obfuscate assets and holdings? Do you need the assistance of a forensic accountant?

I assist my clients by protecting their financial and emotional well-being. I am understanding and compassionate but will not submit to intimidation. I believe in you and will represent your interests tenaciously.

Protect Your Business

Whether your best options are in negotiations or through litigation, I will diligently protect the business you have built. Reach me at my office in Kent by phone at 330-474-9918.