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Representing Ohio’s Same-Sex Couples During Divorce

Same-sex couples have the same issues as any other married couple. During a divorce, you will also have to consider your property and financial interests, and the social implications are very much the same. However, same-sex couples, especially those with children, will need to approach the law with extra consideration. At Paoloni & Lewis, I help you reach your optimal outcome and prepare you for your future.

My name is Amanda Lewis. As a family law attorney with more than 17 years of experience, I know the emotional turmoil you must be feeling. I also know that protecting yourself now is the best way to ensure you have a bright and productive future. I care, and because I care, I will fight on your behalf. Call me at 330-474-9918.

Common Issues During Same-Sex Divorce

At Paoloni & Lewis, I help you identify the issues that matter. My services include:

  • Financial analysis and comprehensive review to support you and your needs during property division
  • Complex property valuation for individuals with retirement savings, investments or pensions
  • Child custody and co-parenting services, including extensive support for individuals whose children were adopted, are biologically related to your spouse or who were born via surrogacy

Your primary concern during divorce should be maintaining your independence, financial well-being and emotional health. In some cases, this may require alternative dispute resolution; in others, we may need to fight to protect your prospects. Whatever your best path is, I am here to facilitate your needs.

Reaching Paoloni & Lewis

From my office in Kent, I provide comprehensive same-sex divorce services to individuals across the area. Request an appointment by calling or reaching out to me online.