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High-Asset Divorce Brings Unique Needs

Though divorce may sound simple, a host of other issues come along with it. Division of property, decisions around support and custody and other matters can make divorce seem even harder. You need a teammate you can trust.

Pairing Empathy And Tenacity In Family Law Representation

My name is Amanda Lewis. As founding attorney of Paoloni & Lewis, I provide compassionate care to clients facing family law needs. Within the arena of family law, I have particular experience in handling high-asset divorces. These situations often have unique complexities, such as:

  • Unique assets, like vacation homes, rental properties, small businesses and investment portfolios. All assets that are part of the marital estate must be divided, which can be complex in these situations.
  • Child support/spousal support when both partners are high earners. Defining the need for support in this situation can be complicated.
  • Asset valuation when one party may wish to hide assets. I work with professionals such as accountants to ensure that property is being valued correctly.

When a marriage is ending, it is emotionally difficult, but it can also be financially difficult. It is important to know that you can rely on your attorney to be tenacious in pursuit of what is rightfully yours. As an experienced high-asset divorce attorney, I have done this for countless clients.

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