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Your Divorce Is Also A New Beginning

When your world feels like it is turned upside-down because of divorce, it may help to remember one very important fact: The end of your marriage is also a new beginning for you and your family. At Paoloni & Lewis, in Kent, Ohio, our lawyers have helped thousands of clients get their world turned right again.

Our Lawyers Offer A Commitment To Open And Honest Communication

How? We start by listening. During your initial consultation, we will ask many questions that other law firms often don’t consider. Yes, of course we will want to know what you expect out of your divorce settlement. But before we can start working on that strategy, we will also want to know what your personal, family and financial circumstances are. After all, you may have some objectives that really won’t turn out to be in your best interests in one, five or even 10 years into the future. We will explain the process and help you see how decisions you make today may have a very different impact than what you may be expecting.

Clients throughout Portage County have been trusting our attorneys for decades. Most of our new clients come to us by way of referral from other satisfied clients; friends, family and business associates. We earn our trust through open and honest communication and making sure the outcome is best for you, never our bottom line.

Protecting Your Rights And Interests In Every Area Of Divorce

Under the leadership and guidance of our founder’s three decades of experience, attorney Amanda Lewis guides our clients benefit in every area of divorce, including:

  • Children’s issues including joint or shared child custody, parenting schedules and child support
  • Division of property —  including valuation of assets and equitable distribution under Ohio property laws. We have the professional experience and resources to represent clients’ high-asset divorces involving complex marital property and division of qualified retirement funds.
  • Spousal maintenance — including temporary support arrangements and permanent alimony when circumstances justify

Same-Sex Divorce
Our firm offers experienced legal counsel for clients seeking the dissolution of same-sex marriage. We understand the special considerations that may be part of same-sex divorce, particularly issues involving adopted children and/or parenting rights of a stepchild from a previous marriage or relationship.

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